IPC Industrial Power Corruptor

IPC Industrial Power Corruptor

Powerside's IPC is a sag generator that repeatedly and accurately generates bad quality electricity.

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(Industrial Power Corruptor)

(large capacity sag generator)

Powerside's IPC is a sag generator that repeatedly and accurately generates poor quality electricity.

IPC that supports single-phase and three-phase continuously applies bad electricity to the device in a single-phase manner from 100V to 480V, 1A to 200A. And

all IPCs support 50Hz and 60Hz.

Are you planning to design a product suitable for the electrical quality of a specific country?

Exactly how many KW/H of wafer processing equipment are you planning to introduce?

Is it necessary to do self-inspection according to SEMI F47 standard?

Does the product you design meet the “voltage sag immunity standard for industrial equipment”?

How much inrush current does the equipment under review require?

Could I use fewer circuit breakers?

How are you trying to solve the harmonic current problem?

If you are trying to solve the above problems or more, try IPC!

SEMI F47, SEMI E6, IEC 61000-4-11, IEC 61000-4-34,

Samsung Power Vaccine, FAA, MIL SPEC, CBEMA, ITIC, etc.

● Generates instantaneous undervoltage (Sag) and instantaneous overvoltage (Swell) from 0% to 125% of operating voltage, 200usec to 20sec.
● Operating voltage 100 Vrms∼480 Vrms, True phase-to-phase Sag and Swell (no neutral required)
● Safely choose from Knobs: phase-to-phase or phase-to-neutral sag and swell
● 28-channel data acquisition system: digital oscilloscope for voltage and current sensors fully interfaced with optional spectrum analyzer and vector scope for power system analysis
● With Powerside's “Testing Partner Program”, customers can perform certification tests themselves.

<IPC connection> Just connect it between the AC power supply and the AC load.


Medium: IPC generated 12Hz, 50% instantaneous low voltage (Sag) that can be generated in semiconductors around the world.

Top: Representative result of sag - the device's DC bus voltage collapses.

Solution: It is solved by increasing the capacity of the charging capacitor in the DC booth, so there is no need to introduce an expensive electricity quality improvement device.

Korea Electrical Safety Corporation, LGDISPLAY (Gumi, Paju Plants), Hynix Engineering,

Chungbuk National University of Science and Technology, Railroad Research Institute, Dastech, SGS, TUV Rheinland, IR Tech,

Safe World Engineering, Standard Bank, S&S Electromagnetic Testing Research Institute,

ICR Co., Ltd., PS, Woori Technology Trading Co., Ltd., SZU Korea

<p>ㅇ 반도체 장비 SEMI F47 시험&nbsp;&nbsp;<img alt="" src="/upload/ckeditor/d94b27a8ab214804bd820481d9271d15.jfif" style="height:825px; width:1100px" /></p>


<p>ㅇ 반도체 장비 새그 내성 시험 ( SEMI F47)<img alt="" src="/upload/ckeditor/8be81c79a762477e9d61ca7382a1cf95.jfif" style="height:825px; width:1100px" /></p>


<p>ㅇ 원자력 발전소의 인버터의 새그 내성 시험 사&nbsp;</p>

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