Non-operation type 3-phase earth leakage breaker

Non-operation type 3-phase earth leakage breaker

In order to actively respond to the Industrial Safety and Health Act,

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In the event of a lightning or ground fault, an instantaneous voltage drop occurs in the voltage of the fault phase, whereas in the other healthy head,

the instantaneous voltage rise and the capacitance between the ground rises, and the capacitive leakage current of the ineffective component rises. There is a phenomenon in which the installed earth leakage breaker trips instantaneously,

and in the meantime, this unnecessary operation was mistaken for a surge voltage.

Single-phase earth leakage breaker unnecessary operation analysis model

In the case of a one-phase ground fault through the lightning arrester in the case of a lightning strike in the distribution line,

In an earth leakage breaker installed on a sound stage, the voltage between line C and the ground rises 1.73 times or more instantaneously.
Capacitive leakage current (lGC) rises (Applied formula: IGC = 2 * π * f * C * V )
A general type earth leakage breaker is normally instantaneously tripped according to this formula.
In this case, most of the instantaneous leakage current occurs within 100 msec, the system protection time.
This state is called unnecessary operation, and to prevent this, a Category.

Most general earth leakage breaker is Category A instantaneous trip, but IOP earth leakage breaker is an operation delay type trip.

Category B Inconvenience Operating Prevent means a single-phase high-sensitivity earth leakage breaker.


Single-phase OP earth leakage breaker specifications

Comparison of operating characteristics with general earth leakage breaker

Installation method for protection cooperation of Category A and B earth leakage breaker

Installation method explanation

-Category A earth leakage breaker should be installed at the bottom, and Category B earth leakage breaker should be installed at the top or

Can be freely installed at the bottom

- When installing Category B earth leakage breaker at the top and Category A at the bottom,

In case of an instantaneous leakage current at the bottom due to the protection coordination operation, only the lower Category A earth leakage breaker

It will trip, and both Category B earth leakage breaker should not fall at the same time.


Current 3-Phase Category A Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker Problems

- Industrial 3-phase earth leakage breaker trips occasionally, so avoid using it and use a wiring breaker instead.

After installation, it is passive because it is difficult to prevent fire by installing it as a leak alarm in the upper switchboard.

remedies. (Based on installation: Article 41 of Technical Standards for Electrical Equipment)

-Applied to refrigerators and freezers and if trips occasionally, use a circuit breaker for fear of damage to refrigerated food.

Compressor motor overheating and short circuit cause fire.

-Category A When installing and operating a ground leakage breaker, instantaneous leakage current occurs when the electronic contactor at the rear is operated.

Due to this, there is a problem of unnecessary operation. Most of the earth leakage breaker Category A is used.

This inevitably leads to unnecessary operation.

-Frequent fires occur due to overheating of the 3-phase cooling air cooler motor. (When wiring required circuit breaker is installed)

- Due to the instantaneous trip operation, it is insufficient to be used as an earth leakage breaker for motor protection, so wiring is required.

Substitute in use.

Patented technology and operating characteristics

-The 3-phase earth leakage breaker of the current method is a medium-sensitive earth leakage breaker and is designed to trip within 0.1 seconds at 100mA ~ 1,000mA leakage current.

This patented product is time sequential when instantaneous leakage current occurs according to the phase change when instantaneous change of current phase occurs even in one of three phases.

By applying a comparison algorithm, a medium-sensitivity 3-phase earth leakage breaker has been devised to prevent the inconvenience of being blocked unnecessarily by the instantaneous distortion waveform.

-If a leakage current exceeding 0.1 seconds occurs, it is recognized as a leakage current and tripped normally to prevent a leakage current, so that the production equipment is also sufficiently

Installed an earth leakage breaker and was able to operate it.

-Patent registration number: No. 10-2270144 (2021. 06.22)

-Three-phase earth leakage breaker for semiconductor and display equipment

-Three-phase earth leakage breaker inside factory production equipment

- 3-phase earth leakage breaker for motor cut-off protection

-For large refrigerators and freezers

-For Compression Compressor

-For fish farm 3-phase pump

-3 Phase Inverter Fountain Pump

-For elevator

-For 3-phase air conditioner outdoor unit fan

- Injection machine





-Protection cooperation with single-phase earth leakage breaker is possible by operating time (other products cooperate with protection by leakage current size)

-When installed in industrial production equipment, it is possible to prevent electric leakage (operable at 100mA class)

-Prevention of electric shock to certain parts of semiconductor and display production equipment

- Significantly reduce the installation cost of the leak detector by installing the existing MCCB and external leak detector simultaneously with one 3-phase earth leakage breaker

(Satisfies Article 41, Paragraphs 1, 2, and 3 of the Technical Standards for Electrical Equipment)

-Criteria for installing a leak detector: Satisfies Article 41 (4)