COIL-LOCKER M/C Trip Protector

COIL-LOCKER M/C Trip Protector

For protecting device of M/C chattering at sag event

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COIL-LOCKER (AC M/C Chattering Protection Device)

lt is a device that can prevent failure or interruption of production facilities due
to M/C chattering (contact shaking) and trip in the event of an instantaneous voltage
drop, and has excellent reliability.

■ M/C Chattering (contact shaking), Cause of trip

Occasionally instantaneous voltage drops (Sag, Dip) in the grid during electrical equipment failure, storm, lightning
     or ground failure.

■ Problems when M/C chattering (contact shaking) occurs

 - M/C contact arc and opening/closing ground occurrence : Control board damage
      - Inrush current and overcurrent occurrence :
                ㆍFacility fuse off and inverter fault (IGBT burnout)
                ㆍReduced coil insulation resistance of motor due to large impact current on motor 
                    coil (shortened facility life)
      - Reduced productivity and significant increase in facility maintenance costs

It is a product made in Korea as an AC M/C chattering protection device.

■  Maintain M/C performance up to 30% Sag of normal voltage (protect chattering)

■ If the voltage drops below 30% of the normal voltage, it is recognized as a form and the safety 
    circuit allows the facility to be down by emergency stop.

■ Easy installation and maintenance with DlN Rail socket method

■ Small (60x45x100mm/socket included), lightweight (0.14kg) for easy installation anywhere

■ Certification content
    - CE Certificate  : EN61326-1, EN55011:2009/A1:2010, EN55011:2016/A1:2017Group1[Class A]
    - SEMI F47, IEC61000-4-11 Sag Immunity test passed.  


    Normal M/C : Unable to prevent facility down due to inrush current generation by allowing  chattering to occur in the middle.

    1 Second UPS Type for M/C : Capacitor compensation type products maintain M/C until a power failure of  1 second, 
                                                    and there is no emergency stop mode, which may cause difficulty in the facility, and 
                                                         there is a risk of failure.
    Auto-Restart Type Relay :  It is not suitable for precision process control equipment by allowing the M/C to
                                                       automatically recover after a specified time after a power failure
     COIL-LOCKER : Even if continuous sag occurs, sag compensation is possible without any restrictions, protecting chattering

■ Sag Compensation : Constant output voltage supply to maintain contact point up to 30% of normal voltage

■ Sag Compensation Exclusion Range: lf the COIL-LOCKER input voltage fails for 6 cycles (safety circuit operation mergency stop)

■ Coil Inrush Current : Large draw current supply required at startup
■ Surge Tolerance : Designed to withstand up to 6kV/500A defined in ANSI/IEEE C62.41 Category A, B
■ Application Environment : Designed with strength and durability for common commercial and industrial applications
■ Rated Voltage and : Within 10% of rated coil voltage and temperature -29℃ to +55℃

■ ReplacementRecommended Life  : Approximately 60,000 hours for continuous operation (6.5 years), more than doubled 
                                                 for alternating operation
■ Walkie-talkie Tolerance : VHF passes the walkie-talkie tolerance test
■ Energy Savings : Approximately 30% less power than AC M/C alone
■ Construction Cost Reduction : Lower wiring costs than installation of stability and sag compensation devices with 
                                            independent individual control

■ M/C for SEMI-F47 & IEC 61000-4-11,34

■ M/C for Delta of Y-Delta motor starter type                                       
■ Large buildings, fish farms, water purification 
   plant pumps, motor M/C        

■ M/C for plant and solar inverters

■ Cooling motor M/C in IDC center 

■ Ventilation M/C motor    

COIL-LOCKER Installations
We installed COIL-LOCKER, an anti-chattering device, only on the AC M/C at the
input end of the inverter that is being operated automatically.

■ In the event of a sag, over-current causes occasional loss of inverter, resulting in excessive expenditure on facility operation
■ As the output terminal M/C has sag tolerance following the inverter output, there is no need to take sag   compensation
■ The inverter low voltage level is set to 40% based on IEC 61000-4-34 as parametere re-setting
■ Since the inverter is not chatted by the M/C, there is no large inrush current, so the IGBT operates normally without damaging


Control power passed from the COIL-LOCKER is supplied to the AC drive coil of the 

1. Order Specifications (AC only)  COIL-LOCKER Includes octal  sockets for DIN-Rail required for installation

2.  Dimension

- W 60mm X D 45mm X H 100mm 


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Electro Scientific Inc, Varian Semiconductor,

Applied Engineering, Seagate Technology,

Votaw Technologies, 1st Silicon Malaysia,

Therma-Wave Inc. Texas Instruments,

Infineon Germany, Chevron Refinery

1. CE 


2. SEMI F47 and IEC61000-411