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순시전압저하(Instantaneous voltage sag or dip )



Description A decrease in voltage
Duration Milliseconds to a few seconds
Undervoltages are Sags that are longer than a few seconds
Causes Major equipment start-up or shutdown
Short circuits (fault clearing)
Undersized electrical circuit
Effects Memory loss or data errors
Dim or bright lights
Shrinking display screens
Equipment shutdown/Reset
Possible Solutions Relocate computer to a different electrical circuit
Voltage regulator
Constant Voltage Transformer (Ferro-resonant transformer)
Power conditioner
Uninterruptible power supply
Motor Generator
Capacitor/Flywheel/Superconductor storage

Interruption ?


순시정전(Instantaneous Interruption)



Description Very short planned or accidental power loss
Duration Milliseconds to second or two
Causes Switching operations attempting to isolate an electrical problem and maintain power to your area
Effects Equipment trips off, programming is lost, or disc drive crashes
Possible Solutions Uninterruptible Power Supply
Motor Generator
Standby Power Supply

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