EV Volt Detector

EV Volt Detector

Electric Leakage Voltage Detector of EV Car

JSDATA Smart Cubic:
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● Electric Vehicle (EV)

● Voltage meter for hybrid vehicle (HEV)

23℃±5,80%RH or less. there will be no condensation




0.00V ~ 9.99V



10.0V ~ 99.9V



100V ~ 600V



600V 이상


Operation method: When the power is turned on for the first time, after all characters are displayed on the LCD, a buzzer sound [beep] is output, then [DC 0.00V] is displayed and the measurement is in standby state

Self-test: Press and hold the power switch for more than 1 second

Liquid crystal display: LCD 3.5dgt

Warning display: 6.01V or more [LED blinking and warning sound output] 6V or less [No warning] automatic conversion

Low voltage indication: Battery voltage is less than about operating voltage (2.1~2.4V)

When it falls to “ ” mark

Insulation resistance: Detecting part - Grounding part: 0.4㏁ / 500V

Insulation withstand voltage: Detecting part – Earth part: AC1000V for 1 minute

Measuring probe size: Ø2.0mm x 1530mm

Operating Temperature ㆍ Humidity: 0˚C ~ 40 ˚C, 80%RH or less, no condensation

Auto power off: Auto power off after about 30 minutes after switch on

Power: DC 3V (CR-2025)

Size : 165mm(H) x 48mm(W) x 22.6mm(D)

Weight: Approx 40g (including batteries)

● Control system units and power products
    Voltage measurement in high voltage units
● In the event of an accident, the vehicle's electrical system
   1. Insert the black lead wire (-) pin into the ground, and connect the probe pin (+) to the ground.
      Check the voltage displayed on the liquid crystal by touching the exposed metal part of the car
   2. In case of a short circuit, 6.01V or higher is displayed on the liquid crystal, a buzzer sounds and LED flashing
● Reel is formed on the back of the product to simplify the measuring probe