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Magic Capsule

Magic Capsule is auto mobile new technology

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What is Magic Capsule?

Magic Capsule is a new technology that overturns automotive engineering

Fuel supply pressure and fuel atomization automatic control device Realize the science of automobiles based on fuel supply.



A change in engine speed during operation means a change in driving conditions.

The fuel pressure required by the engine varies depending on the operating conditions.


At this time, the fuel pressure supplied to the engine can be completely burned when each condition is satisfied. To realize this, it is absolutely necessary for automobile engineers to temporarily cut off the fuel supply that relies on forced injection based on engineering theory, and to accurately read the degree of vacuum inside the cylinder that changes depending on the engine speed. .

It is virtually impossible to accurately read the degree of vacuum of the piston acting inside the cylinder according to the engine speed that changes during driving with the logic of the existing automobile engineering. However, in the scientific aspect, it is possible to find the vacuum pressure inside the cylinder that changes every moment according to the number of engine revolutions in real time by physical methods.

This is because the vacuum pressure acting in real time inside the cylinder of the engine according to the engine speed is the fuel pressure required by the engine for actual driving. In this way, the correct fuel supply method of an internal combustion engine engine such as an automobile can achieve complete combustion only when the engine supplies fuel required by itself according to changing driving conditions.


Automatic adjustment of fuel supply pressure and fuel atomization

『Magic Capsule』 realizes automobile science.


Inside the 'Magic Capsule', an automatic control system for fuel supply pressure and atomization, it performs the functions of steps 1 to 3.

  • Stage 1: Primary air buffer space

    Step 1 , Here, all existing vehicles function to completely block the unreasonable fuel pressure supplied to the engine by the fuel supply system. This is because it is not the fuel pressure required by the engine.
  • Stage 2: Secondary air buffer space

    In the second stage , according to the engine speed, it plays a very important function to read the vacuum pressure generated by the vertical movement of the piston inside the cylinder. In addition, it automatically performs small or large automatic adjustment in real time so that particles of fuel sucked into the engine can be completely burned at a given ignition time according to the engine speed.
  • Step 3: Multi-layer nozzle layer

    In the third stage , the fuel supply pressure controlled in the primary air-buffer space and the vacuum pressure controlled in the secondary air-buffer space are accurately calculated, and the engine automatically adjusts in real time so that the engine can inhale as much fuel as needed.

※ Caution
Do not make an incision to check the inside of 『Magic Capsule』.
In case of cutting the product, the air layer in the primary air buffer space is extinguished and cannot be reused. In case of cutting the nozzle layer formed inside the product, the air layer in the secondary air buffer space is extinguished and cannot be reused. Edo products should not be incised.

Real Vehicle Test Video

3entech magic capsule driving test. 



Cautions when installing the product


  1. The product must be installed on the fuel line supplied to the engine.
  2. The support to which the product is to be fixed must be securely installed in a position that can withstand the vibration of the vehicle (engine).
  3. The bolts of the support and the product are fixed so as not to be loosened by vibration.
  4. Be sure to check that the hose position of the product's IN / OUT line has not changed.
  5. The connecting hose of the product should use the high pressure hose specified by the head office.
  6. Connect the high pressure hose not to bend over 90 degrees.
  7. After the product is installed, the product should be level.
  8. After the product is installed, the product must not come into contact with other parts in the engine room.
  9. Be sure to check for leaks in each area where the hose is connected.


Warranty Repair

  1. The warranty period is one year from the date of purchase.
  2. Even within the warranty period, we will inform you that the following cases will be charged.
    ① Failure or damage due to customer's careless handling or wrong operation
    ② Failure or damage caused by repair by a third party other than our designated repair shop or our A / S personnel
  3. A / S charges according to our standards are charged for A / S that occurs after the warranty period, and additional travel fees may be incurred depending on the A / S location.


Transfer and replacement

  1. This product can be installed and used as a vehicle that uses the same fuel and uses an engine with similar displacement and output. (However, the previous installation fee will be charged.)
  2. If you need to replace a product due to a vehicle replacement, you can purchase it at a discounted product price in accordance with the company's compensation and sales regulations.



  1. This warranty is valid only in Korea.
  2. This warranty is a document that guarantees the quality of the product, and is not related to various services, private banks, and prizes that are not implemented by the head office.
  3. The effectiveness of the product may vary depending on driving habits, road conditions, vehicle maintenance conditions, and the degree of aging.
  4. Sudden start-up and rapid acceleration may not only cause excessive stress to the vehicle, but also degrade product performance.
  5. For more details, please contact your dealer or distributor.

Installation method 


  • 제네시스 GV80

  • 매연 30% 불합격(2009

  • 매연 81% 불합격 재

  • S350 BLUETEC

  • G4 렉스턴

  • 제네시스 G80

  • 고객님의 실제반응?

  • 포르쉐 파나메라

  • Volkswagen Golf 1990년

  • 아우디 A8

  • 닛산 인피니티 G37S

  • 벤츠280S 1970년

  • BMW 750Li

  • 제네시스 GV80

  • 프라이드

  • 아반떼

  • 갤로퍼 1996

  • 렉스턴

  • K3

  • 싼타페CM

  • 로체

  • 쏘렌토

  • 싼타페CM

  • G4렉스턴 스포츠

  • 뉴 코란도

  • 싼타페CM

  • 마이티 2.5t

  • 제네시스 G80 3.3

  • 벤츠 엑트로스25t

  • BMW 520d

  • 오피러스

  • 그랜져IG

  • 말리부

  • 렉스턴 2.7

  • SM7 LE

  • 에쿠스 VS500

  • 매연 30% 불합격(2009

  • 랜드로버 디스커버

  • i30

  • 마이티 2.5t

  • 모닝

  • 볼보 25t FM440

  • 현대 25t XCIENT 540

  • 싼타페 매연 52%



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