PQube3(Power Quality Analyzer)

PQube3(Power Quality Analyzer)

PQube3 is power quality analyzer.

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PQube 3

This compact instrument is simply the best power monitor and real-time sensor you can buy.

It records every type of AC power disturbance – including 4 MHz sampling of impulses – and it is an IEC 61000-4-30, edition 3 Class A certified, ultra-precise revenue-grade energy meter. Monitor up to two three-phase loads, or eight single-phase loads with a single instrument.

It goes beyond AC power too. Records environmental data – such as temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, vibration, 3-axis acceleration – as well as process parameters, including torque, RPM, fuel level, water flow, and more.

Easy to install, easy to use! Delivers ultra-precise results immediately to your inbox.


PQube3 supports Trend & Statistics. 

DI & DO & RO

emperature, Humidity, Pressure, Vibration 


Email Notification

PQube3 supports TCP/IP, FTP, XML, SMTP. 

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Real time PQ monitoring site is http://map.pqube.com