Multi-channel meter with multiple leakage current measurements and power monitoring with a single device

JSDATA Smart Cubic:
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A multi-channel meter capable of measuring multiple leakage currents and monitoring power with one device

Measurement channel: Current (6) + Leakage current (6) [Single phase standard]

Measurement items: phase/line voltage, line current, active/reactive/apparent power, voltage/current unbalance factor, power factor, active/reactive/apparent power

Detection items: Io, IGR, IGC, insulation resistance, leakage analysis, overcurrent detection, sag, swell, blackout, breaker off

Realization of 1.0/0.5 Class power precision according to IEC62053-21/22

Applied to 1P2W / 1P3W / 3P4W / 3P3W according to the wiring method as one model [Power measurement]

Display of harmonic power content (THD)

Ethernet communication and Wi-Fi (optional) support, cloud-linked energy platform support Compact size that can be installed in a small space (62 x 96 x 56 mm)

Foreign matter prevention function and simple design using the upper detachable cover