JS-0608T IGR EarthLeakage Checker

JS-0608T IGR EarthLeakage Checker

IGR Earth Leakage Checker-Power tool, electric and electronic control equipment leakage test in live wire condition

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Unlike conventional insulation measuring instruments (meggers), it is measured in a live state, so it can be checked accurately in the same state as the real thing.


Single Phase 110/220V, Three Phase 220V Delta


IGR / IGC / IO (mA)


  • Igr (resistive leakage current) measurement and inspection
  • Primary-side power polarity detection
  • Igr earth leakage trip setting function
  • Automatic load cutoff setting function by 4-step Igr leakage current of 1, 5, 10, 15mA
  • LCD display


Electric leakage inspection before use of power tools and small electric welding machines

Prevention of fall and short circuit accidents of power tool workers at height by using power extension cables (industrial safety equipment)

Electric device leakage test used in hospitals/hotels/buildings

Earth leakage test of electronic instruments (applied in many cases in Japan)

There are many results of finding faulty circuits in PC servers and electrical products.