IRG RCD (Residual Current Device) or IGR ELCB( Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker)

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This patented Effective factor ELCB sensitively operates by resistive leakage current, but operates non-sensitively at the zone of capacitive leakage current. The general (conventional) ELCB is tripped by Io as the vector sum of Igr (resistive leakage current) and Igc (capacitive leakage  current), so the conventional ELCB might be tripped by capacitive leakage current of less dangerous leakage current also in spite of not wanting.
Our IGR ELCB(RCD) technology has a specialty of being tripped by resistive leakage current component (Igr) by patent on IGR ELCB Trip Curve.(PCT WO2006/035519 A1 / Patented Korea No. : 10-0876651). 





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Conventional Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers operate on vector composite components of resistive leakage current and capacitive leakage current, but the IGR circuit breakers allow the trip curve to trip the capacitive leakage current value, which is three to four times higher than the resistance component, if the phase angle of the resistive and capacitive components is large, i.e. the capacitive leakage current is large. Recent LEDs have caused a lot of capacitive leakage current due to the use of SMPS, causing a short circuit.

The general purpose of our technology can be used effectively for a fire caused by a short circuit and protection of human lives even in zones with harmonics noises.

Our technology has received favorable responses among customers in areas such as electric power and communication companies, power plants, semiconductor manufacturers, LED traffic light controllers, LED lights, and electric safety diagnosis companies.

o Conventional type RCD

- Operates due to Io in spite of very   low power consumption.
 Malfunction due to harmonics and  noise generated from SMPS used in
  digital loads such as LED, Computer   CCTV, ..Etc.
 - Residual leakage trip current is too  high for human safety and properties   fire.
- Impossible to lower IGR because of 
 its sensitivity.
 High cost of total construction.

o Patented IGR RCD

- Operates due to IGR mainly.
 Properly operates in spite of harmonics  and noise such as digital loads.
 No tripping down from digital loads of  LED, Computer, CCTV,.. Etc.
 Helpful for human and animals safety basically.
- Possible to manufacture high
  sensitive  ELCB(RCD) under 10mA standard.
 Prevents fire disaster of electric leakage current  basically. 
 Saves total cost of BLDG and factory construction due to reduction install.


Does not operate unnecessarily in the event of an instantaneous capacitive leakage current rise.

- If the leakage current of capacitive operating is suddenly raised on the power distribution line when the first phase of the distribution line is grounded, the conventional type of leakage circuit breaker installed in the power line will operate unnecessarily, but the IGR circuit breaker ( RCD ) developed by our company will not operate unnecessarily.

RCD country standard

IGR RCD operation Comparison.


IGR RCD Dimension.

01. IGR-32

02. IGR-52



IGR RCD Installation


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