Our aim is to solve the mobile platform problem integrated by iOS and Android. Our goal is to make the ecosystem of mobile cloud and personal media search platforms for 3 billion users integrated and effective with access to mobile devices. Connecting GG Bet global-scale local information, such as personal media platforms, allows users to create live-cubic media and all-cubic search engines for the purpose of sharing-oriented economy, a smart cubic technology.
SNS personal portal services can be created in a variety of ways using social network solutions. It is not an integration but a distributed solution that is a personal media technology. It is called 'SMARTCUBIC Personal Service'. Smart cubic personal services can connect everything that connects to personal media with knowledge at once. For example, conversation cannot go to learning through SNS between teachers and students, but SMARTCUBIC can teach knowledge searching and SNS together. So smart cubic can create an independent SNS platform through search of diverse knowledge through cross-searching among knowledge communities that support businesses, churches, schools, organizations, portals, public periods and individuals.  It can also search for targets in the form of icons and automatically detect customers' languages so that they can search for more knowledge on their smartphones. Simply put, companies can create independent advertising-enabled social networking sites, and individuals can automatically connect their location and desired searches, which can be marketing targeting customers. The company can easily understand services and products through targeted search, order-order sales, and non-face-to-face shopping.